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Halloween Time! Part 1: DOGS

October 3, 2014

Halloween is coming sooner than you think! Get your dog dressed up for the occasion and have them ready to greet trick-or-treaters and maybe go from door to door themselves, (with parent supervision of course!) Here are some fun and funny costumes for your pooch to prance around in:


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Corn Dog!                                                                      I hate creepy crawlers but even I like THIS spider!


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Harry Potter 🙂                                                                                I AM THE WALRUS!

For all the nerds out there that are like me!


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So vicious 😉 This one is my favorite because I call my dog Pup Lion and I don’t know even know why! 😀

Hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I did! Treat your pet this Halloween with a tag that will look good and help them get back home safe if they wander off to far while they are trick-or-treating this year! Have a great weekend everyone!


Newly Weds

September 1, 2014

Congratulations to the lovely couple Hannah and Paxton.  So glad my customer shared pictures of this special day with me.  I love how they included their adorable dog in the wedding 🙂 Check out these awesome license plate tags just like Hannah and Paxton’s pup has!  I wish you both the absolute best and Tuukka too!


Photo courtesy of David E. Starke Photography Blog

Welcome Home Mona!

August 6, 2014


Adopting a new pet can be fun and exciting!  I just adopted a wonderful German Shepherd named Mona.  She is a huge cuddle bug, loves to play with her brother Archer and enjoys going on walks at night because during the day is just too hot!  I’m so glad that I get to welcome this lovely girl into my family! Mona sure seems happy to be with us! Due to her unfortunate past she is a little skittish and gets nervous around new people but I know that with a lot of love and patience she will realize that she is home safe!  If you’re looking to adopt a pet be sure you get the right fit for you and your family and please remember to be patient with your new addition, they may have had it rough and need some time to adjust!  All I know, is that I couldn’t be happier with my decision to adopt Mona! Love your pets and always keep them safe! One way to help keep them safe is to always keep their pet id tags updated and on them at all times! Check out this tag that made me laugh! 

Have a great day everyone!

Pit Bull Rescues Deaf Teen from Burning Home

July 18, 2014

Another aspiring dog story is in!

This time, a life would have been lost if not for a special pit bull.

13-year-old Nick Lamb had just come home from summer camp, and was enjoying having the home to himself. He was legally deaf and didn’t wear his hearing aids at night. While sleeping, a fire started to grow inside his Indianapolis home. Nick, unable to hear anything, slept through the fire alarms. He would’ve slept through the entire fire if his 2-year-old Pit Bull dog, Ace, wasn’t there. Ace licked Nick’s face until he woke up. Nick realized that the whole house was filled with smoke already, and used what he had learned in school to get out alive.

This extraordinary act of kindness from Ace helped save a life. I hope that he gets many dog treats for this one, & that it helps to show that pit bulls should not be labeled a strictly violent breed.

If you have a superhero dog like this, get them an awesome name tag!

Hello Tag

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A Heartwarming “Tail”

July 4, 2014

As a pet id tag maker, I have realized just how special some of the animals I make tags for are for their owners. Even the animals who were adopted or rescued seem to have also rescued the owner, in many ways. Here is one special story from Susan, and her little savior, Rylee.

RYLEE is very special! He was an animal I rescued but I think he actually rescued me. I have a Seizure Disorder and PTSD . Since Rylee came into my life I am less stressed and my seizure activity has decreased significantly . I am really glad I found your company because I love having him with me wherever I go so my Neurologist told me to get a special tag made up for Rylee so he can go anywhere with me. So you are also a blessing! God Bless you ! Have a great 4th of July and be safe
Sincerely , Susan

Messages like these are always such a joy to read and remind me of how important it is for people to have pet tags, like the Seizure Dog one that Susan mentioned above. This will help dogs like Rylee stay close to their owner no matter where they roam!

Visit for Service Dog Tags, Driver’s License Tags, and other fun tags! 

Allergies Affecting Your Pets

April 21, 2014



While allergy season is in full blow, you may be concentrated on trying to take care of your own stuffy nose and itchy eyes, but don’t forget that your pets can get allergies as well. Looking for common signs and symptoms can help save their lives. Like in humans, an allergen develops after the body has already come in contact with it once. The body develops antibodies and the symptoms will present themselves when the allergen is encountered again. This means that, when trying to determine what your dog may be allergic to, don’t immediately rule out common foods or practices as the source of allergen.

What are the physical signs to look for?


Dog’s cells react quite similarly to those of humans when they are suffering an allergic reaction. Their body will try to fight off the allergen using inflammation, redness, itching, or by developing hives or scabs. If your dog is continuously trying to scratch himself in a certain area, to the point where there is hair loss, do not avoid these signs. There could be an increasingly dangerous respiratory system problem developing, which can be fatal.

In addition to physical irregularities, your dog’s behavioral aspects may also have changed. If you notice they are sneezing, licking, snoring, or having diarrhea constantly, this can point to common internal issues developing.

HELP! My dog is allergic, what is the most likely suspect?

Tree, grass and weed pollens
Mold spores
Dust and house dust mites
Cigarette smoke
Food ingredients (e.g. beef, chicken, pork, corn, wheat or soy)
Prescription drugs
Fleas and flea-control products (The bite of a single flea can trigger intense itchiness for two to three weeks!)
Cleaning products
Insecticidal shampoo
Rubber and plastic materials

I’ve Figured It Out! Now What Do I Do?

Try to go to the veterinarian as soon as possible. The vet can perform allergy tests like those done on humans. If your dog is allergic to a food item, this can be verified by putting him/her on a regulated diet comprised of specific foods. To correctly identify a food allergy, it is essential that no other foods are given to the pet while on this diet. Nothing.

Your dog can be given a range of medicine or injections, depending on what they allergy is. Pills like Benadryl may be very helpful in humans, but they can not necessarily aid every dog. There are many injections available to aid your dog in producing a resistance to the allergen. If the allergen is dust, mites, or any household product, it may be essential to pick up a new cleaning regime for your home. Vacuuming and dusting your home, washing the dog’s bed often, and using a new line of products will be beneficial to reducing the severity of your pet’s allergies. Dog’s skin is very sensitive, so reduce spraying products around your pet. Keep them out of garages and laundry rooms.


Just remember, DO NOT avoid the symptoms, assuming they will just go away. Allergies that are common in humans can be severely fatal in dogs. When they look like the are suffering, they most likely are. No one likes to have allergies, so just pay close attention during the months when allergies are most common or if your dog is routinely playing where there may be fleas present. 


How do you carry your furry friend ?

August 23, 2013

These are so cute!!

dog purse 2

dog purse 3

photo source : purseblog, aspca, petmd