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Halloween Time! Part 2: Cat Costumes

October 16, 2014

Alright cat lovers!  We had pictures of those pesky pooches all dressed up and ready to go for HOWL-loween, (see what I did there? Completely unoriginal I know, but it still happened! 🙂 Okay, moving on.)  Now it’s time for the felines to show off their stuff!  Trick-or-treaters, your friends and family will all have a smile on their faces once they see your best cat friend all dressed up for such a fun occasion! Although, your cat might not be a fan 😉 Here are some great pictures and costume ideas for all those awesome cats out there:

yoda cat

The Force is Strong in This One! photo courtesy of

Is it just me or does this kitty look slightly annoyed?


Super Cat to the Rescue! photo courtesy of

Does this cat look a-MEOW-zing or what! (yes I realize there’s a lot of cheesiness going on ;o )


Dinner Time! photo courtesy of











It wasn’t a CAT, it was a CAT LOBSTER!

scuba cat

photo courtesy of



Scuba cat must have a lot of patience to get that suit on!




snow white

Well she’s just adorable!


Hope you loved these kittens in costumes as much as I did! Enjoy your Halloween everyone!

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